Mikko Utevsky – Director

Mikko Rankin Utevsky is a violist and conductor studying at the UW-Madison, where he performs as co-principal viola in the Chamber Orchestra and in many smaller ensembles. A Madison native, Utevsky founded the Madison Area Youth Chamber Orchestra, a summer training orchestra, in 2010, and has overseen its expansion to a two-concert summer season tackling an ever-widening range of repertoire. Heralded as a “remarkable institution” by local critics, the group features local artists and regularly commissions new works. He was named the first recipient of WISC-TV and Heid Music’s “First Chair” award for his work with the ensemble in 2013, and performed at the Madison Area Music Awards.

He served as the first-ever Assistant Conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra at East High School, where he was also a perennial featured soloist, and performed for several years as principal viola in the top ensemble of the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras (WYSO).

Utevsky is also active as a critic, writing for the Well-Tempered Ear.

His mentors include James Smith, Sally Chisholm, Kenneth Woods, Beverly Taylor, Suzanne Beia, Parry Karp, and Diedre Buckley.