Dimensions in Sound and The Studio Orchestra, Inc. (DISSO) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. We are two music ensembles dedicated to performing for senior citizens who live in retirement and assisted living facilities. Each year our volunteer musicians play more than twenty concerts. For over 40 years the two DISSO groups, now led by Pat Backhaus and Mikko Utevski, have been delighting audiences throughout the Dane County region.


Dimensions in Sound consists of the typical instrumentation of the big band era: saxophone, trombone and trumpet sections, keyboard, guitar, bass and drums. We perform popular big band music of the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s plus newer arrangements as well as polkas. There are currently 17 musicians in the band.

The Studio Orchestra features strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion sections. We perform a variety of musical arrangements including classical, light classical, Broadway show tunes and popular standards. There are currently 35 musicians in the orchestra.


Our focus is to bring professional quality music to senior living facilities, particularly for people who are no longer able to seek out this type of music because of their advanced age or disabilities. We enjoy providing the gift of music to those who are unable to travel yet still have a desire to hear songs that inspire their memories and nostalgia. We also perform for the general public for fundraisers, wedding receptions, dances and other special events such as the Badger Honor Flight ‘welcome home’ receptions.

Join Us!

Our tight-knit ensembles are volunteer musicians who have a passion for playing. Many of us played an instrument in high school or college and decided to pick it back up again, years later. Dimensions in Sound rehearses or performs on Tuesday evenings, September to May. The Studio Orchestra rehearses or performs on Wednesday evenings, September to May. If you are interested in joining DISSO then please Contact Us.


In 1977 Van Hise Middle School music teacher Lonnie Nofzinger founded Dimensions in Sound and The Studio Orchestra. The ensembles grew out of a 1976 Hill Farms neighborhood Fourth of July parade when Lonnie formed a marching band comprised of the parents of his music students. After several years of playing in private, Lonnie and the musicians wanted to perform for audiences, that led to the idea of reaching out to the senior community. Since that time, many dozens of DISSO musicians have performed more than seven hundred concerts for more than 14,000 people.


DISSO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors, with underwriting through grants by public and private sponsors who support our series of concerts and rehearsals. We are grateful for their contributions that enable us to pay our music directors and to purchase music arrangements, equipment and supplies. All donations go toward providing music for senior citizens. For more information about DISSO and how to support our mission please Contact Us.